Main Entrance
Front Walkway
Quiet Ourdoor Lunch Area

Our amenities include:

  • Large Street-Level Lighted Pilon Signage
  • Shared Executive Boardroom with Video-conferencing facilities
  • Free parking with designated visitors-only slots
  • Bike rack
  • Common Reception Area
  • Designated outside smoking area separated from all external entrances
  • Shared Kitchen, Coffee, Vending Machine
  • Courtyard with picnic area

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Waiting Area

We have a comfortable waiting area for your clients.

Our reception area is comfortable and professional


Our boardroom table seats eight. The room holds four more chairs (not shown.)

Our boardroom is available on a 24/7 basis and can accommodate up to 12 people. The room and presentation equipment can be reserved using our resource booking calendar.

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The VOIP phone can be managed, from anywhere you have Internet access, using your web browser

If you forget to put your phone on call forward, you can access it over the internet and do it from home. Our fully-featured VOIP telephone system includes:

  • Programmable auto-attendant
  • Voice message sent as email attachment
  • Log-in to your phone service while in the boardroom

Our telephones can be rented or puchased. We can set up each business with professional automatic call answer and voicemail features, with call forward to cell or home phone. Users can program the features of their phones with a web interface, changing features from off site if necessary.

Here are instructions for the Mitel 5212 IP Phone: user guide, and a quick reference guide.

VOICEMAIL instructions for tenants:

Call your own number and hear your own greeting. If you have an auto attendant, make sure you select or dial your own 4-digit extension. Then press * to interrupt the greeting. Log In to your voicemail using your voicemail password.

Here is a quick reference guide to all the commands.

Use the following commands to manage your messages:
0 Help
1 Listen to new messages
2 Save message
3 Delete message
4 Return Call
5 Forward message (if it’s not marked private)
6 Hear date and time of message
7 Go BACK in message (REW)
8 Pause
9 Go FORWARD in message (FFWD)
* Previous menu

Here are set-up instructions if you are a Tele-Worker

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IT Systems

Closeup – A Motherboard in TCEC Server Room

The building has a secure server room and our IT services include:

  • High speed Fibre-Optic (100MB up and down) Internet
  • Computer server hosting and IT Support

Servers can be hosted in the central server room. This facility offers increased server access control and reduces background noise and saves space in your office.

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TCEC has a large number of internal and external security surveillance cameras

The building is locked 24/7 and tenant and guest access is controlled:

  • Guests gain entry through a main door intercom
  • Proximity passcard entry control on locked main door
  • Fingerprint entry control on shared internal doors
  • Recorded video surveillance cameras

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A TCEC tenant leading a weekend training session with remote locations

Our video-conferencing equipment is fully portable and can be set up in any meeting space or office in TCEC within minutes. This equipment can be reserved using our resource booking calendar.

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Turnkey Setup

Voice Over IP (VOIP) Telephone System
Video surveillance 24/7
Space for your server in our rack